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Nature's Care of Health

  • Author: Dr. Arun Sharma

Basic Nature Cure Training Course Book No. 1


All living beings in this world are children of Mother Nature. The human race has seen and studied nature from the time of creation. This study has led us over the years through vast changes in the way we look at life, its challenges and how we solve them. Amazing inventions of science from calculators to computers, from stethoscope to mysterious and mind boggling medical diagnostic machines; from simple kitchen gadgets to high tech labor saving machines and thousands and thousands of commercial products surround us wherever we go in this world. They are being marketed with loud advertisements in all media resources spending millions of dollars every day promising to make our life better, and still better. We have even adopted so many of the commercially made food products as part of our daily life. This book is an attempt to give us a gentle reminder that we are gradually losing our health due to a total dependence on these products, and that we can make a few changes in our life to adopt some of the healthy habits and prevent getting seriously sick. A further study on this subject of Natural Hygiene can even get us out of our chronic disease conditions and bring us back to normal health.

Just as a crying child stops crying in the solace of mother's lap, this book is a call to all those who suffer in this world to come closer to Mother Nature and get relief from all their illnesses. I am not suggesting that we give up every modern amenities and become a jungle man. I am only suggesting that there are so many simple, yet very useful ways that we can directly use nature’s resources in order to improve our overall health.

People have died even in the past due to several factors. But it is alarming to learn that there are people who do not know that there are simple natural ways to reverse health problems to normal health. This book could be an eye opener for all those people who could save not only a lot of stress and expenditure, but prevent all diseases simply by following the simple guidelines given in this book. I remember in my own life back in India, that I used to walk to the produce market and carry over 30 pounds of fruits and vegetables and walk back to our house. Now we live in the USA where we have the shopping carts from the shop to the car and the exercises are much reduced in daily walk of life. Some of us compensate this with joining a gym and exercise classes. except for a separate session of exercise which does not have to do anything with life chores. We have huge refrigerators which keep vegetables for a whole week and gadgets in the kitchen for chopping, grinding and blending. Dependence on machines and gadgets have increased to such an extent, that our life becomes a hell if we lose power in the house for more than a few hours. Many of us eat ready-made fast foods, and junk foods. When we become sick, many of us take a pill or two and do not care to mend our ways. Slowly we have even forgotten that we are responsible for our sickness. We blame the weather, or the germs which caused the disease.

Looking back to the history of people I knew and their forefathers’ lives that those days they did not know of more than a handful of symptoms of diseases and most of them were healed without any drugs or the kind of doctors we have in present times. We learn from history that humans lived much healthier, productive and happy long years before the advent of modern civilization; particularly before the advent of medicine. We can also see that animals in the wild jungle live a very healthy and active life until their last day- free from dependence on any physician, a nutritionist, a psychiatrist or drugs. The average modern civilized family on the other hand has at least one member of the family who is a victim of some kind of chronic disease condition. This book is my effort to join the silent revolution of natural hygienists all over the world whose mission it is to educate people about the true science and art of health 'Natural Hygiene'. 

It is a silent revolution, because we do not claim to cure any disease. Cure of disease is not a distinct science. 

Here cure of disease is regarded as an automatic reaction in the process of improving health. 

Natural Hygiene teaches individuals about nature’s laws of health, which are also the laws of cure. By obedience to these laws the ill get well, the well get better and the better still better. 

Natural Hygiene is based on the philosophy that all living beings on this earth are endowed with a creative intelligence which is capable of repairing, maintaining, and improving our health without any external help of a doctor or a drug.

Every effort in this revolution, however small be a step towards improving the awareness of the world’s population to the extent that they take responsibility for personal health. We are what we have made ourselves to be. As we have lived in the past, so are we now. As we live now, so we will be in the future. There is in this a warning and a promise for the future. This means that there is a law of life. If disobeyed it becomes the law of suffering and if obeyed it becomes the law of happiness. Individuals and families who take responsibility for their health and using only natural means will also help to cut the cost of health care, making the world a healthier and more pleasant place to live. Although these seem to be tall (outrageous) claims in the view of newcomers to these methods, millions of followers of this system know by personal experience that this is true.

Why this book?

When there are thousands of books all over the world on this subject, why should I write this book? As I grew up living in a family of three generations of natural hygienists, I observed the changing times and felt the need to update those books of the past to suit the present day civilization in a manner that the applications of natural laws taught in those books can be easily adopted and utilized in their daily life. Secondly, this book is aimed to bring out the way that pioneer Acharya Lakshman Sarma presented Nature Cure to the world^ – completely derived from the Vedanta (from the wisdom of ancient Indian scriptures; the collection of which we call Vedanta)*

My grandfather and teacher Acharya Lakshman Sarma is revered as the 'Father of Nature Cure' in India as he is the pioneer of nature cure movement in India and he wrote several books which became textbooks in colleges and Universities where nature cure is taught on a professional level. 

^It is particularly important as it teaches us that we are a unity of our body, mind and spirit; and that our physical, mental and spiritual health is one and indivisible

Disease is your friend, not a foe.

Natural hygiene suggests that disease is your friend, not a foe. In which case, you do not fight a friend; just provide the conditions and opportunity for life to complete the process of improving our health with ease. This will change the condition of dis- ease to that of ease or better health.

It is a miracle for the rest of the world, but to those who have known this blessed science; it is just a way of nature to heal from within when we provide conditions and opportunity for life to heal itself. From common cold to dreaded Cancer, nature has its own ways to heal the body. There are so many occasions in our life when we experience some pain or stress in our body and before we know, it has gone and we do not feel that pain any more - without our doing anything! We do not pause to think about it, but we take it for granted that it was a minor problem and the body could handle it naturally. We accept that the body has healed or repaired the problem itself. But when the body calls for a longer time to repair; when the body calls for us to rest and give the body an opportunity to repair itself, we do not believe that the body can repair itself and we rush to intervene with drugs.