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Healing Healthcare

  • Author: Umar AlFarooq

In a country where liberty and openness is touted so far and wide, it is alarming to see such a fascist body controlling major sectors of our society. Medicine, education, law, finance, politics, etc. Here I’d like to discuss just the medical.

There are two major things wrong with healthcare today, not just in America but all over the world. A medical mafia has taken over which is tasked with little to no consequence to their misleading and inaccurate information which affects virtually every individual on this planet with rare exceptions.

This mafia, firstly, aggressively goes after people who challenge it, with the full power of the law behind them. The alternatives could and often times are the ACTUAL solution and cure for the ailment but this mafia suppresses them by force. Following the money trail easily reveals the motive behind this widespread fraud and the “convinced” and the believers of this system so blindly follow the so called “experts” that they will crucify you at the first sign of dissent. Not too long ago, Chiropractic was considered quackery and after seeing some amazing results, it’s been widely accepted now. Naturopathy, or as I like to call it “Natural Health”, is just now starting to gain acceptance with universities opening up in the field. The first major problem is demonizing and attacking alternatives in spite of empirical evidence which shows they are a cure.

The second major problem is that this medical mafia is not held to ANY account whatsoever! Just about every drug that’s been sold comes with a folded up sheet with microscopic writing which lists side-effects which would make your head spin. I’ve been researching this for a few years now and I am hard pressed to find any benefit to the western medical system. Stabilizing urgent care is possibly one thing western medicine does well. However, when I looked into other issues, one after another, I found not only is this medical mafia hurting people, it does so with malice. They can lie to you, be responsible for millions of deaths and not suffer a single consequence.

Read Dr. Robert Lustig’s book “Sugar: The Bitter Truth” in which he argues that the medical dons knew and they willfully mislead Americans and by proxy, the rest of the world, for 30 years, which resulted in the deaths of MILLIONS and the health of BILLIONS. They misdiagnosed the cause of coronary heart diseases by linking it to dietary fat. This made the food industry fly into a frenzy; removing fats from foods. This affected the taste so they began to add sugar, which was the ACTUAL cause of the ailment. The invention of the much cheaper high fructose around the same time, exacerbated the situation. The result was a collosal rise in heart patients and deaths, not to mention diabetes, obesity and an array of other diseases. Dr. Lustig goes through each step to prove his point with utmost clarity. His YouTube lecture on the subject is here:

Prescribing opiod drugs – bad idea. Anti-biotics – even worse idea. Surgery – the most profitable and the WORST idea most of the time. Read up on the number of C sections in recent years as opposed to natural birth. Read up on the over-prescription of surgery. Read up on the number of botched up procedures to see how common it is and how little the doctors are held to account for it. They have malpractice insurance and the insurance companies have a crack team of lawyers; good luck squeezing blood out of that rock. Aamir Khan did an entire show on the fraud of doctors in India and there was a huge backlash from doctors, who all went on strike demanding an apology!

The Anti-vaccine movement has presented compelling evidence which is so aggressively attacked that it leaves you wondering where is this animosity coming from? The most staunch religious fundamentalists don’t attack with this much dogmatic fervor. Having studied this topic to some degree, I can not understand the level of venom these people exhibit.

The arguments against vaccine are very simple. One, there is absolutely NO WAY that doctors can PROVE that inoculation prevents a single disease. The theory is that by injecting the body with a dead sample of a pathogen, it tricks the body into creating the antibodies which would be necessary should a live pathogen attack the body. Let me reiterate, this is a THEORY with zero evidence. There is no way for them to take a before and after sample of blood and say “Look, here’s proof. See all the antibodies floating around? They will definitely prevent the disease”. Again, there is NO WAY for them to do that. There has been NO double-blind test to validate that vaccines prevent anything. Therefore, the one and ONLY thing the vaxxers rely on to push their “proof” is statistical analysis which tells you only PART of the truth. The argument is that before they started vaccinating, there were hundreds of people getting sick and after, the number of people contracting the disease were lowered until it was virtually wiped out. The problem with this analysis is that it doesn’t show you the fact that BEFORE vaccinations even began, the rate of these diseases were already declining steadily and significantly! What’s the reason for that? They don’t want you to even consider the other factors like clean water supply through water purification plants, better nutrition through technology and mass production, better sanitation and a host of other factors. When you rely on such flimsy evidence as before and after vaccines, the entire case FOR vaccinating doesn’t hold water. It’d be the same as me saying “Ever since I started using Windex in my home, fewer people got sick from measles”. One thing has nothing to do with the other. The other curtain the drug industry funded “experts” don’t want you to look behind is the fact that THOUSANDS of kids have been severely hurt and even died due to vaccines. When it comes to THIS fact, suddenly their ENTIRE premise changes! Now the rhetoric is “There is no proof that they got sick or died because of vaccine”. Thousands of parents have observed and reported. The US government has paid over $3 BILLION in damages already. Thousands more are reported and the medical mafia is IMMUNIZED against lawsuits by our own congress! So think about this for a minute; you take your child to get vaccinated and suddenly notice some major problems. Who are you going to go after? Who is accountable for your child being hurt, sick or God forbid, dying? The doctor who gave the shot? Do you think he’s going take the blame? Can you sue him/her? No way. He was just following procedure. What about the drug company? They’ve been immunized from lawsuits. Government? Good luck with that. It is a “service” industry with no accountability! With ZERO conclusive proof they are injecting YOUR kids with a cocktail of dangerous chemicals and pathogens and assume NO liability if something goes wrong. You’d be far better off with witch doctors than these nut jobs. The botched up operation where they injected thousands of people with LIVE polio instead of dead ones, resulting in thousands contracting this disease. Who took the blame for that?

How about the millions of people who have suffered or died due to the misdiagnoses of CHD? Tell me the name of just ONE doctor who has taken the blame for it or at least been called out. It just doesn’t happen. The religion of the modern age is this system of corruption and that has more adherents than ANY other religion. When you unquestioningly swallow the hook, line and sinker to this extent, there is no other word to describe that than a zealot.

These people who are speaking out against vaccines are not doing it for profit, whereas the proponents are funded with BILLIONS.

Some more arguments.

The CURE for cancer has been out for as long as these drug companies have been telling us “We’re working on it”. The only thing they’re working on is a way to profit from something which is already available for FREE, and completely shut down the real cure for which we don’t need THEM. Dr. Max Gerson published his book “A Cancer Therapy: Results of Fifty Cases” in the 1950s! In the 40s, he went to a cancer clinic and got 50 patients, 49 of whom were in their ADVANCED stages of cancer. ALL of them went into full remission. As in no trace of the tumor remained. Here is a companion handbook which outlines the ENTIRE therapy in a nutshell: His daughter Charolette Gerson, who is almost a hundred years old as of the date of this article, is still fighting the good fight with the Gerson Institute Clinic in Mexico. Why in Mexico? Because it’s BANNED in the US!

My father is a 3rd generation Nature Cure healer. His website is:

Anti-angiogenesis therapy has many natural applications:

Why are they still pumping people with Chemo and radiation when MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE alternatives are already in the market?? How can we seriously trust these doctors?

The hippocratic oath, which doctors used to have to take at one time, contains a maxim “Primum non nocere”. It’s a Latin phrase that means “first, do no harm”. I’m sorry to say that in today’s world, doctors are hurting us. People become doctors to help people and after spending so many years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to get that degree, I get why they’d defend their hard earned profession so vehemently but when the system itself is sick, the adherents to such a system become their merchants. People like Dr. Lustig, Dr. Li and Dr. Gerson are such a rarity that they go virtually unnoticed.

What should we do? One, DEMAND accountability from our politicians. Hold these people’s feet to the fire. I’m not talking about the oft repeated issues on both sides of the political aisle, designed to make us bicker and fight each other over petty nonsense. This issue affects both parties, all parties and virtual every individual on this planet. It affects our kids, parents, friends and other loved ones.

Let’s stop deifying doctors and bring them back to the ground. Let’s stop letting our politicians be funded like the ads we see everywhere around us. DEMAND REAL CURES. They are out there. Healthcare is not this exorbitant monster to contend with when the system itself is healed. The politicians have you distracted with who is going to pay for this monster when that’s really not an issue at all! The real issue is the fact that the “healthcare” INDUSTRY itself is sick! If it wasn’t, the cost would be so low you wouldn’t even care who pays for it. It PROFITS insurance companies for the healthcare to be expensive. It PROFITS doctors, hospitals, clinics…virtually the ENTIRE mafia is funded by your misery. Please stop sowing the seeds of your own destruction.

Facts about your health: The ONLY cells pathogens attack are weak or damaged cells, according to Dr. Charlotte Gerson. They do not attack healthy cells. Please, for God’s sake (and your own sakes), stop relying on these fraudster allopathic doctors who offer you these “short-cuts”. There is no substitute for healthy living. Ask yourself, the last time you went to the doctor, did he ask you what you had for breakfast, lunch and dinner? What kind of activities you are doing and should be doing? What are your sleep patterns? What are the stressors in your life? As a caring mother or father, don’t you ask your kids these questions?

Start considering a healthy lifestyle with no processed sugar or unhealthy food choices. There are plenty of sweet fruits which are packed with nutrients and vitamins. Virtually every animal in the wild, whether a herbivore or carnivore, eats raw foods and the most average among them can perform feats that most humans just can’t. In raw foods, each cell is alive and has living enzymes. We “smart” humans not only cook the heck out of most of our foods but we also salt, spice and sugar them which significantly diminishes their potential. Many of us have forgotten the real taste of raw food and many more have forgotten how to enjoy it. Make at least two meals of your day raw foods. Hearty salad for breakfast and a single variety fruit meal for lunch. Here’s my son demonstrating how to make a healthy salad (no lettuce): Have a healthy dinner and stay AWAY from snacking on junk! That is the biggest killer! If you must snack, consider nuts, dried fruits, carrot sticks or fruits. Proper nutrition is the single most important factor to your long and healthy life. Give yourself the importance you deserve by taking the time to properly prepare meals for yourself and your family.

Hippocrates, the FATHER of medicine, was asked what was the secret to his longevity and he said “Let thy food be thine remedy”.

Get proper sleep. Set an alarm to turn off the electronic distractions, read a book and go to sleep at a decent hour. It is one of the most vital ways to rejuvenate your body.

There are SEVERAL wonderful yoga videos on YouTube. I was suffering from back pain and the yoga videos really helped reduce the pain and make me more mobile. Honestly, yoga is easy to do and it makes you feel great!

Have a regular work out routine even if it is with light weights. No need to overdo things as long as the routine is regular even if progress is slow.

Help people whenever possible to enrich the soul. With these simple steps followed regularly, you won’t need to ever go to a doctor – ergo – no need for insurance. Tell them to stick it! What insurance covers is western medical mafia services which is NOT designed to help cure you of anything. They are one scam structured on top of another. The mind blowing technology your body already contains does, in fact, cure you of all the diseases in the world. Give your body a fighting chance. Don’t let your cells weaken with bad food, inactivity or lack of basic needs.

If you are sick, please look into some of the options listed in this article. They really do work, are affordable and will get you off dependence on drugs. For medical advice, please consult with ONLY HONEST professionals.