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Don't Check your Body! Check Your Habits!

  • Author: Dr. Arun Sharma

Remove the Cause; Not the Effect!

People go for the periodic check-up of their body!

Doctors refer you to a number of diagnostic measures and keep referring you to further detailed check-up! Then they come up with a number of things that are wrong! Then they prescribe a dozen pills. They refer you to specialists. A Podiatrist, a cardiologist, a neurologist, an ophthalmologist, an oncologist, a dentist, and so on. They find a lot of things wrong with your lungs, kidney, heart or if nothing they found a small growth in your intestine for which they want to do a biopsy to find out if you have cancer!

Last month before you went to the check-up, you were all right! You had a decent bank balance. You had even planned a family vacation for the summer to Hawaii or some place of your interest.

Now what made the big difference this month? This month you are faced with having to treat so many things that are wrong in your body. High BP, cholesterol, blocked arteries, irregular heartbeats, albumen in your urine, and a number of things. In addition to the scare that the doctors put in your mind that you may have Cancer!

Get a fat bill and your insurance does not cover most of them and you pay co-payment for so many of your bills. Co-payments for so many of your bills amount to a few thousands of dollars and your bank balance reduces alarmingly! You did not even smile when your son said that he got a special merit certificate for his presentation in his school project. "what's wrong with you?" , your wife scolds you for turning a deaf ear to your daughter's adoration poem for Father's Day. The sad story has not ended but only started. You have to keep taking all those pills timely and keep going for more check-ups! More payments and more worries!

What is the moral of the story?

"Do not check your Body! Check your habits!"

If we kept checking our habits and ensuring that we practice the five principles of leading a healthy life, we do not fall ill at all.

What are those five principles or guidelines to a natural and healthy lifestyle?

1. Ample Exercise!

2. Adequate Rest,

3. Positive Food,

4. Positive Thoughts, and

5. Creative activities that bring out your passion and skill.

Positive foods are those which are from the plant source and which has more nutrients than wastes in them. Three useful elements in positive foods include water, fiber, and life. It is not the food in your life, but the life in your food that matters.

Post your impressions about what you think about positive thinking and about the creative activities mentioned in the 5th principle. What are Ample Exercise and adequate rest?